Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing, or NLP, is a branch of artificial intelligence that is focused on helping computers to understand human language. While the technology has its limitations, it's advancing rapidly thanks to availability of big data, more powerful computers and ever-improving algorithms. You may not even realize it but NLP is behind a lot of applications that you might be using every day, like Siri, predictive keyboards or Google Translator, etc.


What can NLP do for you?

Question Answering

Using NLP for answering frequently asked questions is becoming more and more popular. Companies are adopting it to improve customer relations and reduce cost and time to respond to customer.

Text Classification

Useful for example for auto-tagging incoming messages in a helpdesk application.

Sentiment Analysis

Companies use sentiment analysis to identify opinions and sentiment to help them understand what customers think about their products and services.

NLP Integrations


What’s Next