Custom Facebook App

By default, Amio connects to Facebook Graph API using our own dedicated Facebook App. This allows you to implement Facebook Messenger to your software with no hassle in really short time.

However, you can consider creating your own Facebook App in case you need full control over the connection to Facebook API. This is especially helpful if you create a Facebook OAuth procedure to connect Facebook Page of your customers. Having your own dedicated Facebook App allows you to set its name and especially logo which is visible during the OAuth procedure.

As a bonus, you will receive complete analytics for Facebook Messenger.

Create Facebook App

  1. Activate a developer account at Facebook developer portal.
  2. Create a Facebook App (you will need only one Facebook App for multiple Facebook Pages).
  3. In the app settings, go to + Add Product and select a Messenger product.
  1. In dashboard, copy your App ID and App Secret and send it to your Amio account manager (contact [email protected] if you don't have anyone assigned).
  2. When the Facebook App will be set for your organisation in Amio, you will receive Callback URL and Verify Token.
  3. Copy Callback URL and Verify Token.
  4. Go back to Facebook App Settings, click on Messenger and then Settings and navigate to Webhooks section. Click on Setup Webhooks on the right side.
  5. Set Callbeck URL and Verify Token you've got in Amio app.
  6. Check also following fields: messages, message_deliveries, messaging_postbacks, message_reads, message_echoes, messaging_optins, messaging_account_linking and click on Verify and Save button.
  1. Navigate to main Settings and click on + Add Platform. Select Website. Fill in Site URL with
  2. Fill App Domains (on the same page) with


There are several types of permissions for Facebook Apps required by Facebook to allow messaging:

Standard Messaging

Facebook App permission pages_messaging allows you to send messages to those users who initiated the conversations with you. You can send messages within 24 hour window and 1 message after this time frame. Further messages can be sent if they comply with allowed use cases for Message Tags, i.e. shipping updates, delivery updates, etc.

See Standard Messaging Facebook documentation for more details.


If the 24+1 policy for Standard Messaging is unsuitable for your use case, you may want to use Subscription Messages instead.

Customer Matching (Phone Number)

You can send messages to customers using their phone numbers. This requires pages_messaging_phone_number permission. See Customer Matching documentation for more details.

Approval Process


In this stage, only Facebook App administrators, developers and testers (see Roles in Facebook App Settings) can interact on Messenger via this app. To make your app available to public you have to approve it.

  1. On the left menu, click on App Review.
  2. Select permissions which are needed for Amio to run. Don't forget manage_pages permission as this allows you to connect Facebook Page to Amio. Permissions related to Facebook Messenger (i.e. pages_messaging, pages_messaging_subscriptions, pages_messaging_phone_number, etc.) are available on the left menu Messenger - Settings.