Account Registration

Amio integrates with WhatsApp via Facebook APP. The integration is managed by you within your Business Manager and thus gives you the freedom of what you do with it. All we need from you is to add a system user and provide us with the access token and Facebook Business WhatsApp ID.

What is necessary and what are the steps taken

You will need to verify Facebook Business Account in order to start the registration. If you do not have one, register it first and then continue.
You will need to register as a Facebook App developer.

WA Business Account

Registration Process

Facebook Business

  1. Create a new Facebook Business account or use an existing one.
  2. Verify your business.
  3. Locate the Facebook Business ID (See how to get it.)

Facebook App dedicated to WA messaging

Navigate to the app dashboard and create new Whats App integration.


Add and Verify Phone Number

All the way down in step 5 click add a new phone number


The first step consists of the following:

  1. Display Name
  • How do you promote your business?
  1. Timezone
  2. Your business vertical
  3. Optional - business description

The second step:

  1. Insert a phone number
  2. Select the verification option - call or SMS

Immediately verify your phone number under Step 1.

Copy the Facebook Business WhatsApp ID located under Step 1. (save it for later)


Webhook is set up under the WhatsApp configuration


Fill in the following:

  2. Verify Token - custom string, remember what you put here.

Ask your Client Success Manager to provide you with the Channel ID.

System user

Under your business manager navigate to Users > System Users


Click add a new user and create an employee system user:


Under the system user settings add a new asset and select your new APP with Manage app access.


Access Token

Within the system, user settings Generate a new access token.

  1. Make sure to select the proper app.
  2. Select the following permissions: whatsapp_business_management, whatsapp_business_messaging

Copy the generated token, and send it to us together with the Facebook WhatsApp Business ID.