Daktela - Email

To connect your Daktela email bot, we will need:

  • server URL
  • user access token
  • category name which operators use
  • operator username (optional)


  • Amio email bot has to be a Daktela user under your account.
  • Under the email queue, you will assign a Category to each incoming ticket you want to automate. This Category can be named for example "EN Email - bot" and should always be assigned to the Amio user.
  • When the Amio bot will not understand the user's request or there should be a handover to the operator, Amio will change the ticket Category from "EN Email - bot" to your standard Category, for example: "EN Email".

Information to share

Access token Can be found under Manage -> Users -> List of Users -> -> Access Token.

Server URL Is the domain of your Daktela account, for example: "https://mycompany.daktela.com".

Category name This should be the standard email category that you use.

Optionally you can share the username to whom we should assign tickets. We do not recommend this as the integration would have to change every time you would like to change the person. Thus it is better to manage this under the Category assignment rules.