MessageBird is a communication provider offering SMS messaging as one of their services. Amio integration allows you to send and receive SMS text messages with the same API you use for other channels.

Setup MessageBird

  1. Create MessageBird account if you don't have one.
  2. Create new access key in MessageBird administration and save it for later use. Remember that test access key allows you to test the service without sending the actual SMS and charging you for it. Use live access key in production.
  1. (Optional) Register a custom number in MessageBird administration. You can use this number for sending and receiving messages. There are, however, different restrictions for each country so please check them in advance.


MessageBird Documentation

MessageBird's documentation describes how to receive messages, which restrictions apply for which countries, etc.:

Connect MessageBird to Amio

  1. Log in to
  2. Click on Add New Channel to start a wizard which will lead you through the channel creation.
  3. Select Mobile channel.
  1. Fill in the MessageBird Access Key you've created in previous steps. Access Key is used internally to send message using MessageBird API.
  2. Go to MessageBird developers page and copy "SIGNING KEY".
  1. Fill Signing Key in Amio wizard. This key will be internally used to verify origin of incoming webhooks from MessageBird.
  2. (Optional) Use custom Sender ID in case you'd like to have a custom SMS originator. You can use the phone number you've created in the previous step or any string, i.e. "My Company".
  3. Click on "Connect".

Set Status URL

In order to receive status notifications like Messages Delivered, Message Failed, etc., you must set a status webhook URL in MessageBird developers page.

  1. Copy "Status Webhook URL" from mobile channel detail view in Amio administration (click on Setup MessageBird to open the setup dialog).
  1. Go to MessageBird developers page.
  2. Paste webhook URL to the field "STATUS REPORTS URL" and save.

Set Receive URL

Follow this guide when you'd like to receive SMS messages from your customers. See MessageBird documentation to see how you can receive incoming messages.

  1. Copy "Receive Webhook URL" from mobile channel detail view in Amio administration (click on Setup MessageBird to open the setup dialog).
  1. Go to Flow Builder in MessageBird administration.
  2. Use a template called "Call HTTP endpoint with SMS" to create new Flow.
  3. In the Flow, click the SMS node, select MessageBird number(s) that should forward received SMS to your Amio channel, and click "Save".
  1. Click the Forward to URL node, select "POST" Method and copy your Receive Webhook URL you've copied in first step to the URL field in the Flow. Click "Save" to save the changes.
  1. Click "Publish" button in the top right corner to save your Flow and make it active.

Test Connection

You can easily test the connection by sending an SMS in Amio administration. Just open the mobile channel, click the Test Connection button, fill in your phone number and hit Send SMS. You should receive the SMS in a while.


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