Wit.ai is a popular NLP engine with a huge number of supported languages. Another advantage is its price — it's completely free. That makes it a good choice for developers that are new to NLP. You can play around with the app and make various requests and it won't cost anything.

If you're new to Wit.ai, we recommend checking out their documentation. It contains a lot of useful tutorials and examples to help you get started with your project.

Connect Wit.ai to Amio

  1. Log in to Wit.ai console.
  2. Select an App you want to connect (or create a new one by click on the + sign on the top right corner).
  3. Go to Settings and copy the Server Access Token for later use.
  1. Log in to Amio
  2. Go to Integrations panel.
  1. Click Connect Integration and select Wit.ai.
  2. Fill in the form:
  • Name - An arbitrary name for this integration. Optional.
  • Access Token - The Access Token of your Wit.ai App (see step 3)
  • Channel - Select a channel this integration will be connected to.
  1. Click Connect.

If everything is setup correctly, you will start seeing the nlp field in message_received webhook.