Chatbot context

Context keyDescriptionSource
context.customer.emailEmail address that the customer used to send the request.Customer (only email)
context.customerRequest.browserUrlURL recorded when customer submits response via chat.Customer
(only chat)
context.customerRequest.subjectSubject of the last customer's request Customer (only email)
context.customerRequest.textText of the last customer's requestCustomer
context.chatgpt.responseChatbot GPT's message (response) on customer's request.Chat GPT
context.chatgpt.httpStatusHttp status code of response from chat GPT APIChat GPT
context.chatgpt.errortrue / false, true in case request on chat GPT API failsChat GPT
context.apiCall.bodyA response data from custom remote API callMake API Call
context.apiCall.httpStatusHtttp status code of reponse from remote APIMake API Call
context.apiCall.errortrue / false, true in case request on remote API failsMake API Call
context.{input name}Value provided by customer in Wait for customer input bubble.

If validations are enabled for the input, the default name for the validation will be used automatically, for example:
Wait for customer input