Eligible Phone Numbers

In order to register a WhatsApp Business Account, the phone number provided has to follow these rules:

  • It includes country code and area code.
  • It is owned by the company of which the WhatsApp Business Account number will be presented.
  • It has to be able to receive calls or SMS. (- ⚠ Even from different countries.)
  • ⚠ It has not been used with the WhatsApp Business API before.
  • It can be registered in Android, iPhone, or in WhatsApp Business App but you will need to migrate this phone number.


Landline Phone Number

Both mobile phone numbers as well as landline phone numbers are allowed.

1-800 and Toll-Free Numbers

Many businesses want to use the phone number their customers already know such as their 1-800 or another toll-free numbers. These numbers are usually behind an IVR, which an automatic WhatsApp registration call cannot navigate. If creating an exception in your IVR tree is something that you can do, WhatsApp is able to share with you 1 to 2 phone numbers that the registration phone call will come from. You can use this information to create a whitelist for those numbers so that once the call comes in, you can redirect it to an employee or mailbox where the registration code will be captured.

What’s Next