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Amio Chat

What is Amio Chat?

Amio Chat is a real-time communication platform usable in both browsers and iOS/Android apps (on the roadmap). We focus on providing the core messaging functionality, as well as full-featured embeddable chat component (Amio Web Chat) that can be easily included in your website.

Although Amio Web Chat has been made to be customizable, you might still want to use just the Amio Chat's core messaging functionality and build a fully custom UI by yourself. For this case we provide Amio Chat SDK for Web. The documentation of the SDK is on GitHub. We also plan to add SDKs for iOS/Android.


  • Automatic session handling
  • Chat history is stored on Amio servers
  • Amio Web Chat: a ready-made, customizable UI component for your website
  • SDK for Web

Planned features:

  • Multimedia messages (audio, video, etc.)
  • More SDKs: iOS & Android

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Amio Chat

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