IBM Watson


Watson Assistant is a robust platform that allows developers and non-technical users to collaborate on building conversational AI solutions. Its powerful NLP and familiar developer features allow the rapid creation of anything from simple chatbots to complex enterprise grade solutions for customer service and more.

In addition to NLP, Watson Assistant also offers a drag-and-drop chatbot builder called Dialog which can be used to automatically generate replies to customer's inquiries. This feature is not used by Amio but is accessible via native_data key.

If you're new to Watson Assistant, we recommend checking out the documentation. It contains tutorials and examples to help you get started with your project.

Connect Watson to Amio

  1. Log in to IBM Cloud console.
  2. Select Watson Assistant service if you've already created one. If not, click on Create resource then select Watson Assistant from the AI category, fill in service details, and click on Create.
  3. In the Watson Assistant service, click on Launch tool.
  4. Then select the Assistants tab.
  5. Select an Assistant.
  • If you don't have an Assistant, you can create one using the Create new button.
  • After the Assistant is created, add a Dialog Skill to it.
  1. On the Assistant page, choose a Skill that you want to integrate with Amio, and click View API Details in its top-right menu.
  1. You should see your Skill URL and Password. You will need these values when creating the integration in Amio.
  1. Log in to Amio.
  2. Go to Integrations panel.
  1. Click Connect Integration and select IBM Watson.
  2. Fill in the form:
  • Name - An arbitrary name for this integration. Optional.
  • API Password - The API Password of your Workspace (see step 7).
  • Skill URL - The URL of your Skill (see step 7).
  • Channel - Select a channel this integration will be connected to.
  1. Click Connect.

If everything is setup correctly, you will start seeing the nlp field in message_received webhook.