Receive Message

Receiving messages is technically done using Message Received webhook call which you receive from Amio server whenever someone sends you a message.

For the purpose of this tutorial, we will use Ngrok to route incoming webhook calls to your local machine.

  1. Download and install Ngrok.
  2. (Optional) Create a server app with opened url for Amio webhooks, i.e. http://localhost:<YOUR_APP_PORT>/webhook/amio and start it.
  3. Start Ngrok for routing to your local server with command ./ngrok http <YOUR_APP_PORT>.
  1. Copy the forward url from Ngrok ( in our example) and set this url in Amio app (Administration - Channel Detail - Webhook tab).
  2. Go to Viber app and send a message to your Bot account you've already connected (see Connect Viber Bot Account).
  3. Observe your local server has received an HTTP POST request.
  4. You can see all incoming requests in Ngrok web interface as well

What’s Next