API methods

All API methods can be invoked on window.amioWebchat.


window.amioWebchat.close() - closes the chat.


window.amioWebchat.init({ /* params */}) - Initializes the chat.

Following customization options can be added to the configuration object of the init() function:

  • channelId - string, required, the Channel ID of your Amio Chat channel
  • logoUrl - string, URL of your company logo or other picture to be used as an avatar
  • theme - string, color theme
  • startOpened - boolean, if set to true, the chat will be already opened when the page is loaded
  • lang - string, selects language. Currently supported languages are en (English, default) and cs (Czech)
  • zIndex - number or string, sets the z-index value for Web Chat's wrapper div. Default value is 100.
  • storageType - string, allows to choose if session data will be stored in localStorage or sessionStorage. Allowed values are: local (use localStorage, default), session (use sessionStorage).


window.amioWebchat.open() - opens the chat.