A channel is the main building block for messaging at Amio. If you create a channel and connect it to an underlying platform, you can immediately start sending and receiving messages.

Channel Features

Different platforms offer a different set of features. You can send media, location or structure messages as well as receipt templates. Some platforms allow you to set welcome messages, customize a menu or even provide payment methods to your users. Amio API unifies all these features into one single API which makes it really easy to start with multiple platforms at once.

On the other hand, we never hide platform specific features. Amio API provides a reasonable abstraction of a certain functionality in order to let you leverage the full power of the platforms.

Supported Channels


We strive to support as many messaging channels as possible. Right now, we support following channels:


We constantly add new platforms as well as their functionality. We constantly monitor API changes and new features. If you are missing some platform or any functionality at Amio, contact our support team at [email protected].

Create a Channel

If you want to use Amio directly for messaging to your users, you can create a channel manually using our web app.

Another way how to create a channel is through Create Channel API. This is handy for projects which integrate multiple customers/businesses with messaging needs for example help desk softwares or social management tools. It allows you to completely hide Amio infrastructure from your customers.

What’s Next

Simplify your development with proper tools.