Amio Platform

Amio makes it really easy to add messaging capabilities to your software. Right now, we cover major messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger and Viber, however other platforms like Twitter DM, Skype, etc. are on the list. Traditional channels like Mobile (SMS) are also provided.

We deeply focus on API simplicity and consistency. It means that when you implement one platform you can easily cover another one as well. This, however, doesn't mean that we hide any platform capabilities. There are platform specific API requests which allow us to expose all possible features of the underlying platform.

Who is it built for?

If you're building software with messaging capabilities or if you'd like to extend your business to messaging space, Amio is a good partner for you. Here are some concrete use cases:

  • Helpdesk Software can implement messaging channels to serve customers on platforms they use for everyday communication.
  • Social Media Management Tools can easily cover direct customer messages to go beyond traditional posts and comments management.
  • Online Shopping Assistant is a new type of software which mimics in-store shopping assistant in the online world. These assistants should naturally be present on customers' platforms.
  • Bot Builders can focus on AI capabilities of their bots rather than study all the differences messaging platforms have.
  • Ecommerce is another industry which can leverage advantages of instant messengers. E-shops might reduce costs of SMS sending by using cheaper channels but also they can extend user experience by richer messages like image, structure message or receipt template. Some platforms also enable payment services.
  • Other type of projects are eligible for Amio whenever they need to send or receive messages via instant messengers.

We're ready to help!

We truly care about our customers. If you can't find something in Amio documentation or if you have any questions or comments, contact us on [email protected].

What’s Next