Message Failed

This event is received when a message sent by your business failed. You can prepare for all kinds of errors by checking the WhatsApp list of errors.

  "event": "message_failed",
  "timestamp" : "2017-12-29T17:26:17.331Z",
  "data" : {
    "channel": {
      "id": "6456078759331238786",
      "type": "whatsapp"
    "contact": {
      "id": "6456078781510718339",
      "phone_number": "15558576309",
      "platform_id": "15558576389",
      "name": "Han Solo"
    "message": {
      "id": "6456078996108088196"
    "error": {
      "code": 470,
      "message": "Message failed to send because more than 24 hours have passed since the customer last replied to this number. Use a message template to respond."
data.channelobjectChannel where the resides in.
data.contactobjectContact to whom the message was sent but not delivered.

Check Contact for fields description.
data.messageobjectMessages which were sent. They will contain only
data.error.codenumberError code, see WhatsApp error codes for more info.
data.error.messagestringThe detail description of the error.