Get Settings

Response Body Params

get_started_buttonobjectGet started button is visible on the welcome screen when the user comes for the first time. See Get Started Button chapter for more details.
get_started_button.payloadstringAny arbitrary data you will receive in Postback Received webhook when a user clicks the button.
menuarrayList of the menu for different locales. Given the menu is displayed based on the user's locale preference. If you want to set the menu, get started button is required as well. When setting a menu, at least one default locale menu is required. See Menu chapter for more details.
menu.[ ].localestringSpecifies locale of given menu. Value has to be in form of locale or default.
menu.[ ].itemsobjectList of menu item objects. Maximum allowed size is 3.
user_inputsarrayList of settings for user inputs for different locales. If you want to disable user inputs then the menu is required to be set. When setting user input, at least one default locale user input is required. See User Inputs chapter for more details.
user_inputs.[ ].localestringSpecifies locale of given user input. Value has to be in form of locale or default.
user_inputs.[ ].enabledbooleanSet to false in order to disable users' input, set to true otherwise.
domains_whitelistarraySome Facebook Messenger features needs to have used domains whitelisted. See Domains Whitelist chapter for more details.