Get Channel

Response Body Params

idstringId of the channel.
typestringChannel type specifying the underlying platform: whatsapp.
namestringName of the channel.
modestringMode of the channel.
production - Send Message requests will be accepted and sent through WhatsApp servers.
sandbox - Send Message requests will be sent using common Amio WhatsApp Account. (You can find its phone number in your new WhatsApp channel in our administration.)
test - Send Message requests will be accepted but won't be processed any further.
webhookobjectWebhook object specifies the entry point to which all events are delivered. It is null if there is no webhook set. See Webhooks for more details.
webhook.idstringId of the webhook.
webhook.urlstringWebhook url.
webhook.secretstringSecret token for securing received webhook calls, see Webhook Security for more details.
webhook.ssl_verificationstringSpecifies whether to verify SSL certificates or not. Setting this option to false is not recommended.
whatsapp_business_accountobjectContains information specific to Whatsapp Business Account.
whatsapp_business_account.phone_numberstringPhone number (E.164 format) of this WA Business Account .