Messages Delivered

This event notifies you of messages that were delivered to your contact.

  "event": "messages_delivered",
  "timestamp": "2016-10-06T13:42:48Z",
  "data": {
    "channel": {
      "id": "6456078759331238786",
      "type": "{{CHANNEL_TYPE}}"
    "contact": {
      "id": "6456078781510718339"
    "messages": [
      { "id": "6456078996108088196" },
      { "id": "6456079002382766981" }
    "delivered_timestamp": "2016-10-06T13:40:01Z"
data.channelobjectChannel where the resides in.
data.contactobjectContact to whom the messages were delivered.
data.messagesarray of messagesArray of messages that were delivered. Every message will contain Depending on platform used, the message can contain other fields.
data.delivered_timestampstringIso 8601 Timestamp. The time of message delivery to the user's device. This value may vary from webhook timestamp attribute if provided by the platform. If the platform doesn't provide this time, Amio uses time when the webhook came to our servers.