List Channels

Response Body Params

idstringId of the channel.
typestringChannel type specifying the underlying platform: email.
namestringName of the channel.
modestringMode of the channel.
webhookobjectWebhook object specifies the entry point to which all events are delivered. It is null if there is no webhook set. See Webhooks for more details.
webhook.idstringId of the webhook.
webhook.urlstringWebhook url.
webhook.secretstringSecret token for securing received webhook calls, see Webhook Security for more details.
webhook.ssl_verificationstringSpecifies whether to verify SSL certificates or not. Setting this option to false is not recommended.
providerobjectRepresents a provider used to receive and deliver emails.
provider.typestringName of the service provider: mailgun.
provider.access_tokenstringIn Mailgun terminology it is "Private API key" and you can find it in Mailgun Account Security tab.
provider.domainobjectThe domain that you are using with your Mailgun account to send emails.
provider.default_attributesobjectAllows to set default values that will be used when sending a message using Send Message API. Only from attribute is supported now.
provider.default_attributes.from.emailstringDefault value for sender email address.
provider.default_attributes.from.namestringDefault value for sender name.