Receive Email

Receiving email is technically done using webhook calls which you receive from Amio server whenever someone sends you a message.

For the purpose of this tutorial, we will use Ngrok to route incoming webhook calls to your local machine.

  1. Download and install Ngrok.
  2. (Optional) Create a server app with opened URL for Amio webhooks, i.e. http://localhost:<YOUR_APP_PORT>/webhook/amio and start it.
  3. Start Ngrok for routing to your local server with the command ./ngrok http <YOUR_APP_PORT>.
  1. Copy the forward url from Ngrok ( in our case) and set this URL in Amio app in an email channel on the Webhook tab.
  2. Go to your email client and send an email to a domain connect previously, e.g. in our case [email protected].
  3. Observe your local server has received an HTTP POST request.
  4. You can see all incoming requests in Ngrok web interface as well