Botanalytics is a conversational analytics tool focused on analyzing engagement and retention measurement for chatbots. By assessing bot analytics, you can discover bottlenecks, identify your most engaged (and churned) users, and watch conversations unfold every step along the way. With comprehensive, visualized data you can gain key insights about how well your bot is performing—and how it can get even better.

Connect Botanalytics to Amio

  1. Log in to Botanalytics.
  2. Add a new bot in Botanalytics:
  • Name - Any arbitrary name.
  • Category - It's not important which one you pick. We usually pick "Analytics".
  • Platform - Pick the platform according to table given below.
Botanalytics PlatformAmio Channel Type
Facebook MessengerFacebook Messenger
ViberViber Bot
GenericOther channels like Viber Business Messages, Mobile, etc.
  1. Copy Token of this Botanalytics bot for later use.
  1. Log in to amio.
  2. Select an existing channel or create new one.
  3. In Integrations tab click on Connect Integration.
  1. Select Botanalytics integration and fill required fields:
  • Name - Any arbitrary name for this integration. May be empty.
  • Token - Paste Botanalytics token copied in previous step.
  • Channel - Select a channel which should be connected to Botanalytics.


Correct Token

Pick Botanalytics Token associated with appropriate channel type at Amio. Otherwise, no data will be logged.

  1. Click on Connect button.


Wait for Data in Botanalytics

It might take several minutes until you see any data at Botanalytics. Make sure that there are messages sent or received through given channel otherwise no numbers and graphs will be displayed.