Bot training

In Amio each bot has two different data sets. One for the training and one which is currently used by the bot (production).
When you add a new example to some of your intents, you add it to training data. As mentioned within the Answers section, you need at least 6 examples to successfully use the answer in production. Once you have enough examples head to the answers section and train your bot. You can do so by clicking on the split button in the top right corner.


You will find 3 options there.

  • Use Test Intents if you want to know how the bot would understand the user without changing the data in the production.
  • Once you are satisfied with the results you can Promote Intents which will overwrite the production data with the training data.
  • If you want to combine the previous 2 steps you can choose the Test & Promote Intents option to do so. This option overwrites the data on production only if the testing was successful.

Make sure to test and promote intents whenever you add new examples into your intents, otherwise, they won’t be taken into account in the production.